Helping Clients Who Hoard 28Apr23




28th April 2023 at 9am CST

For professionals who have attended “Understanding Clients Who Hoard”, this session is for caring professionals who would like to work hands-on with their complex-needs clients and help them to declutter, make decisions and achieve their goals around their space and their belongings.

This 2hr Zoom workshop covers:

  • Review of “Understanding Clients who Hoard”
  • Helping a client set goals and prioritise
  • Making a plan
  • Assisting clients with the logistics of decluttering
  • Assisting clients to make decisions
  • Special techniques to teach clients
  • Strategies that are “outside the box”
  • What body-doubling is and how you can use it to help them
  • What back-sliding is and how to handle it
  • Boundaries and respect
  • Teaching clients how to declutter with other supports (family, friends, other helpers)


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