Learn how to live an uncluttered life.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to stuff, but there is helpful and unhelpful. 

If you’d like to learn how to have a helpful relationship with your stuff, then this is the place for you!

Hi! I'm Rebecca

I'm a Declutter Coach, Counsellor and Business Mentor based in Adelaide, South Australia

For over 17 years, I have helped thousands  of people improve their relationships with their belongings, simplify their lives and spend more time on what really matters.  I pride myself on my strong understanding of the particular challenges of disability, mental illness and neuro-diversities, always having the primary goal of helping my clients feel understood and validated. 

A senior member and champion of the Organising Industry, I take great joy in coaching, mentoring and connecting with other Organisers and Declutter Coaches. I am also one half of the popular Be Uncluttered podcast.  

I am a Founding Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers and a member of the Australian Counselling Association.

I’m police-checked, fully insured and fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Declutter Coaching

Empathetic and insightful declutter coaching adapted to your specific needs, your personality and your home. Realistic solutions for real homes and real people, including disability, aged care, mental health challenges and neuro-diversities. NDIS & MyAgedCare clients are a much-loved specialty.

Online Courses

My courses are designed to help you feel comfortable in your space again, and live a life that fills you up. Delivered with compassion, empathy, non-judgmental advice and freedom to find your own way, they are a great way to work at your own pace.


I conduct talks, workshops and training in a range of topics for both individuals who struggle with clutter and for professionals wanting to help people with clutter. For your community group, library, staff development day or any other event or need, I will deliver an insightful, entertaining and inspiring talk for your audience.


I specialise in working 1:1 with clients with disabilities, neuro-diversities and special needs, and love helping NDIS-funded clients achieve their goals for their space and time. I can also help people funded by a MyAgedCare package in achieving their decluttering, comfort and safety goals as well.

Hoarding Support

With extensive experience in Hoarding Disorder and other hoarding behaviour causes, I am happy to help out you or your loved one. I am non-judgmental, gentle and completely person-focused.
 I will work the way you need to work, on your terms, at your pace. 
I can also point you towards other resources and information, too.


If you've got paper piles everywhere, or even if you're just tired of losing stuff when you need it, I can help. I use methods that work well for neuro-diverse or creative folks and that work with your personality.  We set up habits to maintain the system so it's not discarded after the novelty wears off (we've all been there!).

What My Clients Say

Sometimes I remember to record nice things
my clients or course attendees say!

5 stars are not nearly enough. Rebecca is a generous, supportive, understanding, down to earth, beautiful natured and most importantly – a REAL person. She is able to make sense of the issues you are facing and able to give you REAL direction and tasks that will not only allow you to tackle the problem in a way that makes sense, but with her direction – you’ll be able to put plans into place to keep them that way!!!


I have been fortunate to attend several of Rebecca’s workshops over the past few years … on each occasion I have come away with so many great ideas and information to use in my own home. Rebecca has a wonderful sense of humour, she’s honest and transparent sincere and very passionate about helping others achieve freedom associated with decluttering and organisation! 

I love the support she offers so freely on any one of her facebook page too! Thanks Rebecca for your enthusiasm, passion, sense of fun and professionalism … really love your work!


Rebecca has changed my life! Four years ago I attended several workshops that were very informative, encouraging and inspiring. I have gone on to declutter and organise my home over this time with her guidance. Her E-book “60 Day Christmas challenge” gets used every year and makes a huge difference to our holidays. Rebecca is a wonderful, friendly and supportive person, thank you for all you have done for our family.


I love to write...

I have loads of information available for you in my blog – for ideas, inspiration or even just some validation or to understand how I work and get to know me a little.

On my resources page I have more again, with ebooks and worksheets you can use to help you gain some control. I also have some links to some books and podcasts I recommend.

And of course there’s also the Be Uncluttered podcast to listen to as well!

Ready to change your life?