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Rebecca Mezzino

The Most Experienced Declutter Coach in Adelaide

Hi friend!

If you’re looking for a way out of the chaos (and if you’re here, I reckon you are!), I can help.

I have helped thousands of people through their decluttering journeys for over 17 years through my Adelaide-based business, Clear Space (now under new ownership) and now with Rebecca Mezzino Declutter Coaching.  My specialties are neuro-diverse, mental health and disability decluttering support (frequently via NDIS), as well as helping families manage their child-related clutter and paperwork. If it’s tricky, I’m there to help.

I have been featured on TV, radio and several national magazines and newspapers. I also co-host the popular podcast Be Uncluttered, which is listened to by thousands every week.

I hold a Bachelor of Business (Mgmt Inf Sys), Diploma of Counselling, Cert IV in Training & Assessment and Certificate in Chronic Disorganisation (ICD).

On a personal level, I love rock climbing, reading, loving my indoor plants to death, humid weather (feels like holidays!), 1960s decor and art, Star Wars (yep, geek here!) and hanging out in nature. I am learning how to speak Indonesian and love chatting with my Indonesian friends to practice whenever I can. Kalau anda orang Indonesia, saya akan jadi senang berbicara dengan anda!

Clutter is an almost universal issue – everyone tackles it and only a small percentage find it really easy. The rest of us need help! So if you’d like to experience the freedom of an uncluttered life, please join me!

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