Declutter Coaching

When you feel overwhelmed by your space and your belongings, or even your schedule, declutter coaching can help. It’s designed for people who would like to simplify their spaces and their lives, but have trouble doing so for various reasons.  It might be emotional, or anxiety-related, or a physical challenge of some kind; there are lots of different obstacles and everyone struggles in some way or another.

Declutter coaching is a service that aims to resolve any dysfunction in a space (or in a lifestyle where it relates to belongings) by looking at the causes of the clutter and devising strategies to eliminate those causes and achieve goals around space and lifestyle management.

So to put it in more friendly words, I help you figure out what’s bothering you in your space, and why your space has become troublesome. Then we set some goals and I teach you how to resolve those issues in a way that suits your emotional and practical needs. We work together to make the changes (yep, I roll up my sleeves and get in there!) and you learn long-term strategies for making changes that last. 

Who does it help?

Declutter coaching is helpful for anybody who identifies with one or more of these situations or circumstances:

  • Lives with clutter that is at a level that is distressing, unhelpful or unsafe
  • Does not know how to eliminate their clutter.
  • Knows how to eliminate clutter in theory but has dysfunction that prevents them taking the necessary action (such as anxiety or ADHD, for example)
  • Would like to simplify their lives
  • Needs to rearrange their space to cater for their disability
  • Needs to learn space management techniques
  • Needs behavioural coaching to reduce unhelpful behaviours that cause clutter
  • Needs help with task management, time management or paperwork management (to stay organised or to live independently)
  • Is a carer or support worker for anyone meeting any of the conditions above and wishes to support them
  • Needs to downsize possessions due to a move or rearrangement of living space

How does it work?

The first session is an Assessment & Recommendations.  This is where I meet with you, preferably in your home or the space in question (although some aren’t comfortable doing this initially and that’s okay – a café or office can also suffice).

In that session I aim to:

  • Help you feel comfortable with me
  • Explain how I work
  • Find out what you’re thinking and feeling about the meeting
  • Get to know you a little (as much as you are comfortable doing so)
  • Assess
    • the problems that need to be solved
    • the obstacles/constraints that have prevented them being resolved in the past
  • Establish the goals to be achieved (collaboratively)
  • Create
    • Recommendations for overcoming those obstacles
    • A plan of action moving forward (collaboratively)

After this session, which is a 2 hour session, we can then have further sessions to implement the plan, or you can go away and implement the plan yourself if you feel you have all the tools you need.

If you know you want hands-on help in a longer session, it’s fine to book something longer for the first session (3-4 hours) and we’ll get the plan done and then get stuck into it.

If you want to share this information with someone who doesn’t have access to the internet, you can download an information sheet here.

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