Declutter Coaching

When you feel overwhelmed by your space and your belongings, or even your schedule, declutter coaching can help. It’s designed for people who would like to simplify their spaces and their lives, but have trouble doing so for various reasons.  It might be emotional, or anxiety-related, or a physical challenge of some kind; there are lots of different obstacles and everyone struggles in some way or another.

Declutter coaching is a service that aims to resolve any dysfunction in a space (or in a lifestyle where it relates to belongings) by looking at the causes of the clutter and devising strategies to eliminate those causes and achieve goals around space and lifestyle management.

So to put it in more friendly words, I help you figure out what’s bothering you in your space, and why your space has become troublesome. Then we set some goals and I teach you how to resolve those issues in a way that suits your emotional and practical needs. We work together to make the changes (yep, I roll up my sleeves and get in there!) and you learn long-term strategies for making changes that last. 


NDIS and My Aged Care clients are a specialty and I have a lot of experience working with clients presenting with various challenges that can cause their spaces to become dysfunctional or unhelpful. 

I have experience working with people who have autism, BPD, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, depression, hoarding disorder, Tourette Syndrome, PTSD, complex trauma, dementia, brain injuries, vision impairment, hearing impairment, post-polio, physical disability and physical differences.

For children with NDIS plans, I work with both the child and/or the parent, depending on the family’s needs. 

I can work with self-managed or plan-managed participants of NDIS, and am always happy to cooperate with health professionals and support services to ensure the client has all of their needs met and their goals achieved. 

Household Paperwork

Household paperwork can be overwhelming for many. I’m sure you’re familiar with having unsorted tubs hidden away, or piles that have grown up seemingly out of nowhere and are now living on your horizontal surfaces throughout the house.

If you don’t have a linear brain, or if you have a diversity in your neurology, or even if you’re just a creative type, paperwork can be tough to stay on top of. The traditional systems just don’t work very well. 

You buy folders and binders and boxes in the hope of getting organised, but it doesn’t really stick and you feel like a failure. Well you aren’t a failure at all – you just haven’t found a system that suits you yet, that’s all.


Hoarding support

If you or a loved one have hoarding behaviours that you’re concerned about, or if your home has become difficult to live in and manage, then I can help.

I take a compassionate person-centred approach to hoarding and similar challenging situations, and I certainly I understand how sensitive an issue it can be, for everyone involved.

I understand how sometimes a person who may be hoarding might not want help, or that they do but find it hard, and I understand how and why people may want to help them. 

Speaking & Training

Rebecca delivers workshops in partnership with libraries, businesses, networking groups, organisations and community centres in Adelaide, around Australia and online.

Rebecca’s workshops and training are always well received, with praise about their authenticity, quality of information, compassion and humour.

With a variety of topics suitable for various audiences, you can be sure Rebecca will have a thought-provoking, entertaining and inspiring talk to perfectly suit your audience and your event.