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Understanding complex-needs and NDIS clients 18May23




Thursday 18th May 2023 7:00pm CST

Working with NDIS and clients with complex needs involves a very high level of responsibility and care.

Clients with disabilities, mental illnesses, aging challenges, nuerodiversities, trauma and other conditions can be particularly vulnerable and complex, and knowing how to help them is crucial so that you can best meet their needs and help them achieve their goals.

This 2hr Zoom workshop covers:

  • NDIS admin essentials (basics)
  • How complex-needs clients might differ from other clients
  • How complex-needs jobs might differ from private jobs
  • Special needs of complex clients
  • Onboarding and receiving referrals
  • Minimising harm
  • Building trust and rapport
  • Meeting reporting needs
  • Communication and information
  • Confidentiality and duty of care
  • Risk mitigation


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