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Understanding Clients Who Hoard 12Apr23




12th April 2023 at 9am CST

Working with clients who live in high levels of clutter requires special skills and knowledge.

Clients with disabilities, mental illnesses, aging challenges, nuerodiversities, trauma and other conditions can be particularly vulnerable and complex, and knowing how to help them is crucial so that you can best meet their needs and help them achieve their goals.

This 2hr Zoom workshop covers:

  • What causes people to hoard or live in high levels of clutter
  • How different circumstances, conditions and diagnoses  affect clutter levels
  • What Hoarding Disorder is (and when it’s not HD causing the clutter)
  • Having “the conversation”
  • Using respectful language
  • How to know whether intervention is required or not
  • Minimising harm
  • Building trust and rapport
  • Communication and information
  • Risk mitigation and safety concerns
  • Knowing your expertise limits and referral pathways


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