Professional Mentoring

I have been doing this a while, and Mick and I have built a multi six-figure business together. I love to help other Professional Organisers and Declutter Coaches through their challenges in their businesses so that they, too, can experience the success they are striving for (no matter what “success” means to them).

I’m not suitable for everyone (for example, I really annoy Type As!) but if you share my philosophies on organising, and identify with my flexible, informal approach to business, and my intuitive, compassionate, person-centered approach to working with clients, then I can help you!

Who I can help

Professional mentoring is a great way to upskill, gain knowledge and insight, solve problems and look after your mental health when running a solo business.

Shoot me a message if you:

    • Want to know if the professional organising industry is “for you”
    • Want to improve your communication and conversations with your clients so you can best meet their needs
    • Aren’t sure how to price yourself
    • Want to work with NDIS participants
    • Want to start  public speaking, working with children, disabled people or the elderly, or another area you aren’t confident in
    • Want to understand complex clients better
    • Want to discuss a challenging situation to gain clarity
    • Are needing validation and confidence in your own abilities
    • Need help with setting boundaries
    • Want to learn more about mental health and its relationship to our stuff
    • Want to understand how neuro-diversity affects people’s relationships with their stuff 
    • Want someone to talk to someone in a similar business who “gets it” 
    • Want a set of “fresh eyes” on an issue
    • Are worried about competition in the market
    • Want to know how to find your authentic voice in your marketing
    • Want to run workshops but feel out of your depth

I am probably not the mentor for advice on:

    • Formal business planning and strategy (I don’t do much of this stuff the ‘proper’ way)
    • Teaching you how to organise spaces (I see that as something you need to learn yourself or should already know how to do)
    • Legal stuff apart from the basics (yes, you need insurance!)
    • Hiring staff
    • Making your social media pretty (I try, but it’s not my thing!)

I do know other mentors in our industry who are amazing at these last things though, so get in touch if you’d like their details.

Want to know more?